Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Low back pain, we all have it at some point in our lives. Did you know that in some cases, this pain could be originating from specific joints in your lower back? The sacroiliac joint consists of 5 fused vertebrae (sacrum) at the bottom of the spine, and the ilium which is part of the pelvis.

When one or both of these joints moves too little or too much, inflammation can occur, causing extreme pain located on right or left side. Hypermobility or too much movement, can be caused by pregnancy or injury to the ligament. Hypomobility, or too little movement, can be caused by arthritis. This pain can be felt in the lower back but can also radiate to buttocks or legs. This condition is often misdiagnosed as a herniated disc or other lumbar dysfunction. We, at Superior Orthopedics, will listen to the specific problems you are having, and set up a treatment plan based on those symptoms.  Dr. Spott incorporates many treatment options into the patient plan for SI joint dysfunction ranging from non-invasive manipulation and SI joint Physical Therapy to steroid injections and surgery. The patient is always involved in this treatment plan and these options are discussed in detail with Dr. Spott during your office visit.  If you suffer from any type of low back pain, we are here to help!


— Ariel Brazzale RN CSFA

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